taught by Andre Park

Course description

This video course is designed to empower motivated individuals to become certified in the basic skills that it takes to become a Certified Entrepreneur in Network Marketing as well as Traditional Business. You will learn step-by-step exactly what skills, techniques, and mindset it takes to become confident. You can apply this valuable information in any business endeavor and make the money you deserve.

Participants Will Complete:

  • Over 15 Hours of Education (Work at your own pace)
  • Homework Assignments
  • (1) Project
  • Quizzes, Tests, and Discussion
  • Video Assessments

Course Requirements:

  • Students must be 18 years or older.
  • No prior education or degrees required.
  • Must have a valid email account.
  • High speed internet access.
  • Home or Cell Phone to access live conference calls.
  • Computer, Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet, or iPad to access courses.
  • Video recording capability on a cell phone or computer.

Books Required:

  1. Think and Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People - by Dale Carnegie

Andre Park
Andre Park
E.E. Academy Founder & Professional Business Coach

Andre Park is a highly recognized and sought after Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach, energetic Motivational Speaker, and charismatic Author. He earned his first $1million in the network marketing industry by the age of 28. Since then, he has dedicated himself to helping others like you conquer fears, overcome obstacles, and develop customized techniques to achieve their dreams and goals. Andre Park is renown for his humilty and passion for people worldwide pursing their freedom as entrepreneurs. He is on a mission to empower 5 million people to experience financial success, time freedom, and better health. Empowering Entrepreneurs Academy is now a long sought out vision manifested for you, the business minded, who is eager to achieve more. Finally, top notch education is available online for Network Marketers, Business Owners, and all aspiring Entrepreneurs. Andre's core belief is that once you Change Your Mindset...You Can Change Your Life. That is a guarantee!


Course Curriculum

LESSON 1: Burning Desire Mindset + Facebook Prospecting 101
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LESSON 2: Burning Desire Mindset (Part 2) + The Art of Networking
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LESSON 3: The Power of Faith + Instagram Prospecting 101
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LESSON 4: Word Power + Instagram Prospecting 101-(Part 2)
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LESSON 5: The Power of Imagination + Youtube Markting 101
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LESSON 6: How To Overcome All Fear (Part 1) + Youtube Marketing 101-(Part 2)
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LESSON 7: How To Overcome All Fear (Part 2)
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LESSON 8: How To Overcome All Fear (Part 3)
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LESSON 9: How To Sell
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LESSON 10: The Subconscious Mind
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LESSON 11: The Art of Dealing With People & List Building
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LESSON 12: Getting People To Like You + Pique Interest Skills: Part 1
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LESSON 13: The Art of Dealing With People (Part 2) + Pique Interest Skills (Part 2)
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LESSON 14: The People Formula + Pique Interest Skills - Part 3
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LESSON 15: Basic Leadership Skills
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Reviews (11)

by Roosevelt Russell

Lesson # 4

by Maria Concepcion
It sure is helping me understand better and a better understanding of deal8ng woth my own fears.

Chapter 7

by Reggie Hilton
Awesome lesson hit it on the nail of whats been holding me back its fear #1 being fear of success followed by what others think about me.
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by Roosevelt Russell

Lesson # 4

by Maria Concepcion
It sure is helping me understand better and a better understanding of deal8ng woth my own fears.

Chapter 7

by Reggie Hilton
Awesome lesson hit it on the nail of whats been holding me back its fear #1 being fear of success followed by what others think about me.

by Jo Cunningham
Love it so far already - I see the valuable learning!


by Ron Petty
Awesome learning experience! Everyone should take this course!!


Great and so Step-by-Step

I think the course is a brilliant idea for the old and young alike.

by Patricia Parker
Learning is best thing to invest my time while sitting at home. Knowing what to do in a home base business was really great . I looked forward to the next step to growing my business.

Great Course!

by Kitty Hilton
Very thorough mindset foundation for success. Effective for those just beginning the entrepreneurial journey, for those well-experienced and for everyone in between. Andre really pours out his heart and shares decades of experience and insight to motivate, inspire, awaken and educate every student. I looked forward to this class every week, and I've enjoyed going back through the course again and refreshing my own mindset. Once is definitely not enough! Moving on now to the Associates Course...thank you, Andre, for providing a platform for an experienced networker to develop and reinforce skills, talent and abilities for greater success!

Certifiied Entrpreneur Program

by Maryanne Younger
Andre, I believe that you, your course are very awesome. My attitude will be changing due to your course. I feel that these type of courses are made to help all people of all ages to improve their confidence in whatever job or things they do in their life. Taking a stand on positive attitude can move mountains. It is great to work with you and the other people in the small group environment. Having a course like this on the computer, live or afterwards can allow a person to dwell on the subject matter in a relaxed atmosphere & repeat it for a refresher. I am sure that I could think of more to say, but Jack is in the hospital & my brain is tired right now. We will all make it to the top with your help as a mentor & friend. Then one day we will be duplicating you. God bless, Maryanne

Certified Entrepreneur

by Margaret Walsh
This class does a great job of keeping the key things to remember on your entrepreneur journey front and center.


by Melanie Fisher
Fantastic class! Everyone on my team should take this if they truly really want to achieve those desires and dreams they have in their lives. I can't think how many times I thought, "Oh this person should hear this." or "This person could really find this information helpful to them." You are a great teacher who paints pictures for us and inspires us. I'd really like to have this somehow in audio (I bet there is a way) so I can listen to IT like we I our two MUST-READ-OFTEN books, (or listen to often books), I do think of YOU as my mentor! You have inspired me in each class. I learned so much and am glad I get to continue improving my mind-set, how to build relationships, skill set and leadership skills. I have decided I am REMODELING my brain...or in other words, repainting it! Thank you very much for VERY HELPFUL course!! I KNOW your efforts are going to pay off in more ways than you can imagine.